THC lubricant is changing the game, when it comes to sex. Many people with vulvas are experiencing more relaxed, pleasurable and better sex, all because of a little weed lube.

The reviews are in and people are obsessed with this marijuana infused oil. But how does it work? It may seem a bit intimidating. Scary even. So let me ease your mind.

As someone who regularly uses CBD products, but dabbles less in the realm of THC, I can say with all certainty that, not only is THC lube not scary, it is 100% worth the price of admission. If you’re someone who has trouble with lubrication, not feeling sensitive enough or just being able to relax during sex (and most of us have fallen into at least one of those categories at some point) then I absolutely reccomend giving this lube a whirl.

Curious about the magic of THC lubricants? Here’s your tell-all guidebook on what actually happens when you use a THC infused lubricant.

How much should I use?

Everyone’s body is affected differently by cannabis, so you may need to test it a few different times to find the right amount for you (oh no, that means more sexy times!). But, rest assured, you can’t overdose on a topical cannabis oil. Start with 3 – 4 pumps and go from there!

How do I use it?

Apply the lubricant around the genital area. For those with vulvas, don’t insert the oil directly into the vaginal canal (this WILL get you high). A bit of lubricant on the vulva, clitoris or around the vaginal opening will do. Remember not to use this lubricant with condoms as the oil can break down latex.

As a side note, most people experience best results when using it as a solo tool rather than a partnered tool. I’m not exactly sure why, but it could be that having a partnered experience distracts you from feeling the full spectrum of sensations. Solo play is optional but very much recommended. 

Will I get high?

Not…exactly…some people report a localized high. Meaning their genitals “felt high.” Which sounds weird until you experience it. You won’t get high unless you ingest the lube, so if you and a partner are engaging in oral sex, make sure you do that BEFORE applying the lubricant, otherwise their night will be a complete write off. This stuff is potent!

That being said, if the lubricant is inside the vaginal canal, the thin membrane can lead THC to the bloodstream and get you high, kind of like when you hold cbd/thc oil under your tongue to feel the effects faster. A little bit will probably travel into the vagina, but don’t intentionally spray it up in there. Again, you can’t overdose, but you might melt into your bed for awhile.

What’s happening down there?

THC lubricant increases the blood flow to the genitals, which encourages relaxation, increased sensitivity and has also helped people with vaginal dryness or sex related pain.

It has also been said to increase lubrication, as well as the intensity and amount of orgasms experienced during sex. Which I can vouch for!

Cannabis is a bit magical in the way that it decreases inflammation, pain and helps our muscles relax. It’s shown to be extra helpful in people with vulvas who are looking to relax and enjoy sex more. Even to the point of increasing sexual desire and libido.

Although there is no “viagra for vaginas,” many people believe that cannabis may be the key.

So is THC lube right for you? Only you can decide that, but most people have seen positive results from trying it and even more have made THC lubricant a regular part of their sexual routine. So, if you’re looking to shake things up in the bedroom, I highly suggest this game changing lube.

Jennifer Doan is a sex educator, coach and the host of the podcast Taking Back Slut. Jennifer is committed to helping people connect to their sexual power in a way that feels safe and comfortable to them. Connect with her on Instagram @jenn_doan for sex rants and unapologetic nudes.