With the legalization of marijuana popping up all over the world, it seems like there’s all sorts of never-seen-before erotic and medicinal products made specifically for vaginas. But, the truth is, cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries, including for medical issues in vulva owners.

Cannabis has been used as a gynecological aid as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia. It was used to treat things like:

  • Menopause
  • Gonorrhea
  • Childbirth
  • Low sex drive
  • Menstrual cramps
  • UTIs
  • PMS
  • Pain during sex
  • Morning Sickness

Of course, we have found more effective treatments for some of those items, but good ol’ cannabis is still a natural, affordable option for various gynecological issues.


Cramps suck. No doubt about that. But much of the research around THC & CBD as a treatment for menstrual cramps has been overwhelmingly positive.

CBD targets the same enzyme that is targeted by ibuprofen, making it a safer and more natural way to combat menstrual cramping. THC has similar effects on pain management and has been shown to be an extremely effective way to reduce and often cure cramps.

Even people who suffer from Endometriosis have shown positive results in pain management from THC & CBD treatments (especially when taken as suppositories). 

Endocannabinoids also may have a hand in regulating our estrogen levels during our cycle. Endocannabinoids start increasing during day 1 of our cycle and then drop off the day after peak ovulation as you head back to menstruation.

Cannabis could help to regulate our cycle and keep the estrogen flowing even after menopause.

More research needs to be done, but the outcome so far has been promising.

Sex Life

For years, scientists have been in search of the “female viagra” (their words not mine). If already we have anything that comes remotely close to the “little blue pill” for vulvas on the market, it’s THC.

For decades, many people with vulvas have reported feeling more turned on, more lubricated and more sexually uninhibited while using THC.

When turned on, the vulva becomes engorged with blood, the same way the penis does. Topical THC products help to promote blood flow to the clitoris and surrounding area and usually results in feeling more turned on. It also signals the vulva to create more lubrication.

People who smoke or ingest THC have also noted being in a more sexual headspace. They feel more open to having sex and more physically aroused.

Using THC infused lubricants can be very effective in increasing blood flow and lubrication without causing any psychoactive effects to the user. This is extremely appealing to those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis products without the ‘high’ associated with it.

CBD lubricants have also been said to have some positive effects, though less research has been done in this area.

Cannabis and the vulva are a match made in heaven. With all the new products being released around cannabis & vaginal wellness, we expect even more innovations to come.

If you are experiencing pelvic or uterine pain, please consult a healthcare professional to discuss if cannabis is a good option for pain management. 


Jennifer Doan is a sex educator, coach and the host of the podcast Taking Back Slut. Jennifer is committed to helping people connect to their sexual power in a way that feels safe and comfortable to them. Connect with her on Instagram @jenn_doan for sex rants and unapologetic nudes.